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5/19/13:  First contact with our sister academy, the Florida Fishing Academy.
6/5/13:  Got trained with the FFA by Capt.  Rich Brochu, creator of our main program.
8/21/13:  Caribbean Fishing Academy was registered in PR, Department of State.
9/26/13:  Angling for a Healthy Future Program @ Residencial La Rosaleda, Guaynabo, PR


01/16/14: Angling for a Healthy Future Program @ Casa de Niños Manuel Fernandez Juncos.
4/12/14:  Down Syndrome Fishing Workshop titled “Special Fishing Day”.
6/5/14:  First news publication @ La Regata
6/29/14:  First safety briefing during a Kids Tournament @ Barceloneta.
7/19/14:  Safety briefing for a Kids Tournament @ Asociación Pesca Deportiva Dorado.
8/2/14:  CFA took 7 kids from La Rosaleda to participate in a kids tournament @ Barceloneta.
10/24/14:  Angling for a Healthy Future Program @ Casa de Niños Manuel Fernandez Juncos.


2/18/15:  Angling for a Healthy Future Program @ Sandín ward Vega Baja, PR.
4/11/15:  First One Day Fishing Workshop @ San Juan Bay Marina.
4/26/15:  Safety briefing for kids tournament and CFA took 9 kids that graduated from Sandín Ward. @ Club Nautico Vega Baja.
5/2/15:  Fishing Workshop @ San Juan Bay Marina.
5/16/15:  One Day Fishing workshop @ Asociación de Pesca Deportiva de Dorado.
6/14/15: CFA collaborated during the kids tournament (briefing was not possible)@ APDDorado.
6/2/15:   CFA through it's Founder, Capt.  Luis Burgos officially got involved with Fundación Legado Azul and is now part of the CREW that installs the FAD in the waters of Puerto Rico with the purpose of improving it's fishing grounds in order to promote Tourism and a healthy Fishing Industry for future generations to enjoy, therefore; the local economy.
6/8/15:   CFA collaboration with Fundación Legado Azul was mentioned on a press conference.
6/28/15: Safety briefing for kids tournament @ Barceloneta.
8/12/15:  Felix Verdejo visited CFA and accepted to collaborate with our mission.
9/12/15:  Pesca con Abu.  Boxer Felix Verdejo was present during the award ceremony and offered a positive message to the kids @ Asociación de Pesca de Dorado.
9/17/15:  CFA actively collaborated in the installation of FAD aboard Tug boat:  HONCHO
10/6/15:  CFA actively collaborated in FAD maintenance work aboard Tug boat:  HONCHO
11/21/15:  First time CFA organized a Kids Tournament and Workshop during an Adults Tournament.  Our first booth was born @ Puerto del Rey Billfish Tournament Fajardo, PR.


01/23/16:  First time CFA was asked to organize a kids tournament during an adults tournament @ SER de Puerto Rico fundraising at Club Náutico de San Juan.
01/29/16:  First time CFA collaborated with the Dolphinfish Research Program:  We visited the Puerto Rico FAD system and placed camaras on three FADs and where able to catch and released a Dolphin fish and a Wahoo with acoustic tags.
01/30/16:  We were asked by Suzuki Marine to have a booth during their Open House.
02/18/16:  CFA was selected as one of the 10 Non-for-profit organizations to benefit in their Crusing for a Cause fundraising event during their Open House.
03/03/16:  The first formal Board meeting took place.

05/24/16:  C.A.S.A workshop and fishing day @ Cangrejos Yacht Club.

06/12/16:  Kids Fishing Tournament @ Dorado, PR & Follow up program.

06/13/16 to 06/24/16:  Angling for a Healthy Future Program @ Centro Pesquero de San Juan for underprivileged kids of Res.  Los Lirios de San Juan. 

06/26/16:  Kids Fishing Tournament @ Barceloneta, PR & Follow up program.

07/23/16:  CFA was contacted by the Náutico of La Parguera to organize their next Kids Tournament and Workshop.

08/20/16:  Kids Workshop and Tournament @ Cangrejos Yacht Club during their Billfish Tournament.  It was the first time in 60 years that they had a kids tournament during their tournament.   

08/24/16:  CFA, with Founder Capt.  Luis Burgos, collaborated with Fundación Legado Azul by actively being part of the crew that reinstalled FAD E with new coordinates 18:34.8 North - 66:11.7 West @ 5 miles off Punta Salinas aboard Tug Boat:  HONCHO.

09/25/16:  Kids Fishing Tournament "Pesca con Abu": a Tournament for Grandparents and Grandkids @ Playa Sardinera Dorado, PR & APDD.

10/21/16 - 10/23/16:  Kids Fishing Tournament @ Puerto del Rey Billfish Tournament 2016

11/12/16:  Fishing Workshop & Family Day @ Club Náutico de Boquerón Cabo Rojo, PR

12/08/16:  Follow up Program Activity