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Captain Rich Brochue

What is Caribbean Fishing Academy?

The Caribbean Fishing Academy  (CFA) is a nonprofit organization formed in 2013 for the purpose of empowering at-risk youth and youth in general with positive life skills, alternatives to destructive or antisocial behavior and a sense of responsibility for shaping the world around them. CFA uses fishing as a vehicle for delivering these lessons, weaving effective life, environmental and social skills into a youth-oriented, hands-on educational programs through youth tournaments, curriculum, workshops and  field trips.  We are the sister academy of the Florida Fishing Academy.

How does CFA works?

Our programs tap into that passion, using fishing and other water activities to arm our students with new skills, a sense of accomplishment, self-esteem and a desire to protect our natural resources. Participating in fishing-based programs also makes them more open to other areas of instruction, especially after participating in the academy’s Botvin Lifeskills Training Program. This program has been proven to reduce the use of tobacco by 87%, alcohol by 60%, marijuana by 75% and other drugs by 68%, while also reducing school delinquency, sexual misbehavior and violence, according to results published by the American Medical Association (AMA).  We depend mainly on the support of this top local professional fishing charter & tour operation (CFA, Corp. know as the Caribbean Fishing Academy Charters) local businesses and individuals like you.  We thank you all!

What makes the CFA different from similar organizations?

While a number of valuable and effective programs target at-risk kids, CFA uses an asset that is available to everyone:  the spectacular marine world of the Caribbean .  Fishing and the water are part of the fabric of  Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, and there is not a more effective way to introduce our youth to a richer and more productive life. Our program capitalizes on these natural resources to engage children — tomorrow’s anglers, boaters, marine biologists and environmental stewards — in fishing as a sport and livelihood, while involving them in the effort to preserve our fragile marine environment. Since our inception, the CFA has used this technique to  hook well over 5,000 kids throughout Puerto Rico.

What are the CFA’s goals for the future?

We are grateful to announce that we have recently shared our program with the Bahamas (Nassau) and our goal is to increase access to our  programs to communities throughout the Caribbean.   

2023 goal: Keep actively impacting communities throughout Puerto Rico.
2024 goal:  US Virgin Islands.
2025 goal:  British Virgin Islands.

How can you make a difference with the CFA?

Documented evidence shows that every $1 spent redirecting disadvantaged youth saves $25 in costs that would be spent on the criminal justice system. Your contribution will be put to work engaging, inspiring, educating and positively redirecting at-risk, disadvantaged and handicapped youth in Puerto Rico. The direct effect will be a reduction in the local crime rate, unemployment, teen pregnancy, drug use and youth violence, improving the safety of the neighborhoods and streets right here at home.  Want to help?  
On September 26, 2013 a group of fishing guides, captains and volunteers gave the first "Angling for a Healthy Future" class to a group of 14 kids, in one of the outdoor hallways of a local public housing project.  The kids sat down on top of shopping carts that where turned sideways to serve as benches so that they can  listen to what we had to show and say.  Today, we offer a safe place and ways to transmit the different fishing and life skills through our main and proven hands on angling outreach program.  So far,  we have impacted over 300,000 people and we have served over ten different organizations, all with the purpose of promoting healthier recreational fishing practices in a way that can potentially improve family integration and values.
We are grateful to GOD and the dedication of our team and volunteers, for the support of people like you, to our sister academy, (the Florida Fishing Academy), to our world class fishing charter service and tour operation (CFA, Corp.) and to all our sponsors.  You have made it all possible!

​"Muchas gracias";
​Capt. Luis Burgos.

Capt. Rich, a former police officer with the city of Delray Beach, has more than 25 years under his belt as a small business owner, largely in the real estate arena. A longtime deep-sea fisherman, he holds multiple fishing licenses and permits, he has certifications in CPR and water safety, and is a USCG Certified Master Captain. Team REEL Estate and the Florida Fishing Academy were born from his passion for fishing and boating, and his desire to teach children, including his own two daughters, how to do it safely and ethically.

About us:

Captain Luis Burgos serves as a professional Fishing/Sailing Charter Captain and community leader. He is the International Game Fish Association's (IGFA) Representative for Puerto Rico and the Founder/Executive Director of the Caribbean Fishing Academy, Inc. This non-profit organization, based in Puerto Rico and affiliated with the Florida Fishing Academy, aims to promote responsible and ethical fishing practices, as well as social skills development, among children. Captain Burgos focuses on reinforcing social skills among youth and fostering family integration through involvement in fishing as an extracurricular activity. In addition to promoting a positive socioeconomic impact, he collaborates with marine conservation organizations and marinas across the island. Captain Burgos specializes in organizing and directing fishing tournaments and seminars, including IGFA's "Passport to Fishing" program. He also operates The Caribbean Fishing Academy Charters and Water Tours, one of the top fishing charter and water tour operations on the island, which supports his work.


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Captain Luis Burgos

Executive Director / Founder


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