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The Caribbean Fishing Academy has spent almost three years delivering a highly celebrated, fishing education and life skills program custom-designed by our sister academy, the Florida Fishing Academy.  At its heart, the "Angling For a Healty Future" curriculum is an environmental awareness initiative that teaches children- tomorrow's boaters, anglers and environmental stewards- to enjoy the Caribbean's fragile marine resources in a way that preserves the ecosystem for generations to come.  The program also arms these kids with the tools and knowledge to resist the temptations of the streets and to gain a richer appreciation for our local waters.  Some will potentially use what we teach them to pursue jobs in the Marine or Fishing industries.

Summer Camps

CFA will soon be offering students a signature Inshore Fishing Program in a local summer camp setting.  Campers attending the week-long Fishing Camp will learn valuable lessons that are part of our proven program " Angling for a Healthy Future" created by our sister academy the Florida Fishing Academy and enjoy other extracurricular activities, typical of a summer camp.  Call us for more information.

Angling for a Healthy Future